Welcome to the club ladies? Looking for a work-life balance? Need more time? Want to communicate a clearer message of you and your business? We love hearing foxy voices and would love to have you come and join us at Foxy Ladies Media Group Sydney.

Established in 2014, Foxy Ladies Media Sydney by Julie Snodgrass is targeted to fuelling media and communication that speaks volumes for women in business. Foxy ladies is a chance to speak up about yourself.  Whether you are a beginning or experienced lady, we have a place for you and we're here to help you succeed and reach your potential.

We are passionate about inspiring women.


For over ten years, we've offered quality training to women in business. Our objective is to introduce ladies to learn about other businesses  and provide avenues to accelerate the development of talent. 



It's Time to Sign-Up

It's time to take a few minutes to prepare for next season by signing up with Foxy Ladies Media Sydney by Julie Snodgrass. We encourage you to sign up early for our events. We can always use some foxy ladies to partner with and to help register our current teams, as well.


Julie has presented business workshops in Dubai and Australia,, and successfully won Australian award for motivating women in business.


A recently ADMIN pro, Taryn offers real-fast foxy service in our daily practice.

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 Foxy Ladies founder Julie Snodgrass helps working mums and women reach their potential with work life balance. Expert in balancing it all!. Julie believes every working mum can live in a chaotic-free home.

Meet the lady behind Foxy Ladies Working Group.

Julie is the voice of working mums and inspiring mums to get involved in their life

and focus on what's important.

By making significant but simple work/lifestyle changes, women could maximize their career potential.